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Is There a Right Way To Recruit Millennials?

17 Jan 16:00 by Joshua Hill

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Earlier this month The British Army released their latest recruitment campaign. Entitled ‘Your Army Needs Your…’ it focuses on encouraging millennials to challenge the stereotypes often related to their generation. The unusual approach has faced criticism, especially the posters which included text such as ‘Snowflakes: Your Army Needs You’ and ‘Me Me Me Millennials: Your Army Needs You’. Although the stereotypes were coupled with good attributes such as compassion and confidence, many believed they focused on negative clichés.

Millennials are often criticised by the media for being a weak generation, obsessed with social media and themselves. The videos produced by The British Army cleverly twist these negative stereotypes into a positive that could be vital for a career in the Army. A video of particular note is titled ‘Your Army Needs You, and Your Resilience’ which tells the story of a young girl working at a supermarket. Her slightly older colleagues refer to her being a ‘useless millennial’ who is ‘so slow’. They continue to tease her for taking so much time on the menial task of collecting trollies from the supermarket carpark. However, The Army recognises that someone who can continually put that level of effort and care into such a small task would be perfect for working under pressure on the battlefield.

The campaign has even received criticism from millennials who believe them to be ‘insulting’ and ‘misguided’ (PR Week). However, the Ministry of Defence (MoD) has said that controversy was the aim of the posters and videos, so it’s been a success. So although the MoD believes that this campaign will work, are there alternative ways to recruit this generation who will make up 50% of the workforce by 2020 (Social Talent)? To get them in the door it can be useful to move away from traditional recruitment tools and move towards social media. Make sure your social media features your job roles and make them easy to apply to – if you can allow for applications to be submitted on a smartphone, even better (Forbes). Also, ensure your social media reflects your company culture, as this can be more important to some young people than packages such as pension and training! Statistics show that millennials are not likely to stay in a job for over two years(Forbes). So outlining a plan every 6 months ensures that they have a clear focus on where their career could go with your company if they work well.   

At ECS we think the career opportunities we offer work well for millennials. Our consultants are trusted to run their own desk and plan their days without any micro-management from us. That’s not to say we don’t offer support and guidance when needed - we want people to develop and progress to reach their goals. When the workday is over we like to socialise over drinks at the pub, days at the races and sometimes even obstacle course! These events unite everyone and makes our company culture something really special.

If you think you’d like to work for ECS or know someone who is looking for a company who will nurture talent and reward hard work, have a look at our current vacancies.