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Has GDPR Gone Off Your Radar?

23 Jan 13:00 by Carl Bagshaw


The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was introduced in 2018 and has caused significant changes to how personal information is held, in turn affecting the way many businesses have to process that data. The regulation was created to protect the personal data of individuals after the previous 1995 Data Protection Directive was deemed no longer relevant. It gave people more power to ask for companies to delete their data permanently and essentially ensured they owned their personal information, not third parties. With the potential of hefty fines if businesses don’t follow the rules, ensuring that you are in line with the law is essential. If you own a company or work in one that deals with private data, it was arguably one of the biggest changes of 2018, which still needs ongoing monitoring. So, with this in mind, how did Google leave themselves in such a vulnerable position with the GDPR watchdogs?

It has been reported that Google has been fined £44m for not providing people with enough information as to why and how their data was being used. The French data regulator CINL, who enforced the fine, stated that the technology giant had failed to provide the appropriate information for users across several documents. They haven't denied the claims but are 'studying the decision'. Google receiving such a substantial fine is a reminder that despite the initial period of change being over, ensuring that companies are compliant is just as important.

At ECS, We consider ourselves a company that understands the importance of compliance and value the personal data we hold, therefore we always work to ensure it is protected.   

If after the news of Google being fined such a large amount has made you feel a little unsure about your own GDPR policy, we can help. We are able to utilise our team of ECS Accredited© professionals who are technically vetted and have received recognition from our global clients. They are experts in GDPR compliance practices and can ensure your business in line with this to prevent any risk of breaches. If you would like to get in touch and discuss your business needs, please call to speak with a member of our experienced team on 01676 545375.